Chris + Jules

There is so much awesomeness when it comes to these two extremely amazing people.

Chris  and Jules met through cross fit and after getting to know them I learned that they really love riding tandem bikes. They actually rode up and down some of San Francisco's craziest hills. The other story that caught my attention was Jules breaking her arm in an arm wrestling match. Hello!!! She broke her arm, arm wrestling.

After hearing all their really cool stories I knew that I really wanted to get to know them better and I really wanted to shoot their wedding. AND I also knew that I didn't want to arm wrestle Jules:) 

Chris and Jules got married on the sun deck of the Outrigger Waikiki. A really beautiful location overlooking Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head. We got to drive around Diamond Head taking photos at some of my favorite spots and then they had their super fun reception at the Hula Grill

It was a pretty amazing day:) Here are some of my favorite shots:)