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 Some quick get to know me questions…

I was born in:

Greenfield Massachusetts


Hallmark Institute of Photography


June Juyoung Chung Wehner ahhhhhh


Chloe and Keegan, they are my everything


No pets but sometimes my kids act like little animals

Favorite color:

the color of the ocean

Favorite ice cream flavor:

Ben and Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie

When I’m not working…

I’m surfing ankle biters at graveyards

I love my wife’s…

Freckles! Abosolutely love them!

I love my Kids’…

 Laughs! It totally makes my day

If I could meet anyone dead or alive…

Herb Ritts. Such an amazing fashion photographer who unfortunately is not around any more. Oh and Richard Avedon, another amazing fashion photographer, who is also not around anymore.

Rock or Rap:

Both, I Love Modest Mouse and I love Tribe Called Quest just to name a couple.

Camera I wish I owned:

Toyo 8X10 field camera

Favorite TV show:

The Americans. Such a great show! If you haven’t seen it you should check it out.

Canon or Nikon?:

Canon fo sho

Stranded on a desert island what two things would you wish you had?

Ice skates and a volleyball.

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