Happy 2016 Everyone!!!

I couldn't think of a better way to kick off the 2016 year than to share this super duper amazing family session that I had just before christmas.

I have been doing the Kiakona family christmas card photos for the last 4 years and this year took the cake or the cape:) Can't thank them enough for booking me every year and of course again this year. Here is to a SUPER 2016!

Noah + Caycie

I met Noah and Caycie at one of The Wedding Cafe's photography workshops and immediately after could tell they were a super duper fun couple! I was even more pumped when they booked me to not only photograph their wedding but also I got to do an engagement session with them. It is such a great idea to do engagement sessions with couples cause you get to know the couple so well, as I did with Noah and Caycie, and then it makes for a fun transition into photographing their wedding.

The engagement session was so much fun! Noah and Caycie are Kamehameha School Alums and I was stoked to find out they wanted to do their session up at Kamehameha School Campus. The session went super well and we had a blast! Though we did get in trouble for hopping the fence to get some pictures on the football field and security ended up escorting us out. After a quick scolding we were back to taking pictures. I will post some soon but for now I want to highlight their amazing wedding. 

We did a bunch of getting ready photos at The Hawaii Prince Hotel. Then it was off to Kamehameha School Chapel for the wedding ceremony. After that we got to go around campus for some photos of the couple and their wedding party. Luckily we didn't break any rules this time:) After photographing on campus we headed down to the reception at Mariposa Restaurant. The reception started off with custom shots for the wedding party and pretty much ended with an extremely amazing lip sync show by the bride and bridesmaids for the groom and all of the guests. It was a pretty amazing night! Ok I will stop talking:) Check out the pics.                                   Aloha-

Congratulations Noah and Caycie:)

Why hello there!

It is truly amazing how fast time flies. Here we are  having flown through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. We will be going into summer soon and getting ready for the holidays all over again. I have been so busy shooting photos I haven't really stopped to appreciate some of the awesome couples I have had the pleasure of working with and the amazing images we have captured.

On top of all that I have a new logo that I am proud to display here on my site and you will see in some of the content that I will be showing below. I wish I could show more but I gotta get back out there and take some more pics of some amazing people;)

Chris + Jules

There is so much awesomeness when it comes to these two extremely amazing people.

Chris  and Jules met through cross fit and after getting to know them I learned that they really love riding tandem bikes. They actually rode up and down some of San Francisco's craziest hills. The other story that caught my attention was Jules breaking her arm in an arm wrestling match. Hello!!! She broke her arm, arm wrestling.

After hearing all their really cool stories I knew that I really wanted to get to know them better and I really wanted to shoot their wedding. AND I also knew that I didn't want to arm wrestle Jules:) 

Chris and Jules got married on the sun deck of the Outrigger Waikiki. A really beautiful location overlooking Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head. We got to drive around Diamond Head taking photos at some of my favorite spots and then they had their super fun reception at the Hula Grill

It was a pretty amazing day:) Here are some of my favorite shots:)

Sweet home Waimanalo

Chris and Jess are an amazing couple that live in New York but they chose Jess's families farm in Waimanalo as the setting for their beautiful wedding. 

The weather was kinda cloudy and rainy but that didn't stop us from getting some super fun shots on and around the property.  

I got to spend a lot of time just photographing Chris and Jess at different little spots and I LOVE what we got.  

The flowers that you see in the photos and Chris's Maile were made by Courtney and Tamara at Paiko in Honolulu. If you want to see more amazingness from these two you can check out there site here

Congratulations guys!!! 

Took some photos... Then the rain came.

This being the my first blog post on my new website I thought I would share something a little more personal.  

We have known Brant and Keri for a long long long time and they are such an important part of our family. They were at the hospital when both our children were born. They have changed poopy diapers, endured spit ups and wiped snot from little noses. They have baby sat for our kids and watched them while we were away.

Now it's time for them to bring there own child into this world. We are so looking forward to being there for his arrival and we can't wait to change poopy diapers, endure spit ups and wipe snot from his little nose. 

We got about 15 minutes in of photos before we encountered a flash flood. So here is a little sneak peak before we go back out and finish our session.